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September 19, 2013

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Did you know that an “attack” is not a sickness?   Neither is the term “silent killer” a legitimate phrase because there is no “silent killer.”  These “attacks” come, but Christians who know and understand their identity are not subservient to them.   What I say is the voice of experience because I withstood both a heart attack and a stroke using the simple techniques I teach you here and also in my book, Tricked Into Sickness.

Here’s a simple illustration:

Dan is taking his usual morning stroll at the break of dawn.  It’s the same route he takes practically every morning where the neighbors have not yet awakened and the calm street is obscured only by the huge oak trees planted along both sides of the road.  The only sounds to be heard are the singing of the beautiful American Robins and the rustling of the leaves when the birds perch.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, leaps a small Pit Bull growling ferociously and landing smack in the middle of Dan’s chest. The dog’s mouth is stretched open to full capacity, revealing every dagger-tooth embedded in its gums. Dan is faster than a flash of lightening: With his morning-walking-stick, he blocks the aim of the attack by plunging the stick straight across the animal’s mouth, jamming it, and stopping the bite.  While the stick is lodged in the dog’s mouth, Dan is still gripping both ends and he shoves the vicious animal as far away from himself as physically possible.  The dog flies up into the air and then Bam! It slams onto the concrete sidewalk and is critically injured.  It is unable to make another attack, but rather, squirms and squeals for help.

Do you get the point?  An attack was made, but Dan withstood his enemy by using the weapon he was carrying, not by biting back with his teeth. Whoever coined the term “heart attack” has no choice except to recant, now that the evidence is irrefutably presented.  The initial onslaught of stroke attacks and heart attacks is a satanic deception and you have the necessary ammunition to stop satan’s* attacks.  Also, be mindful that there is no such thing as a chronic illness.

Supernatural healing is naturally super when you learn how to operate in God’s healing principles. Divine health begins with training your mind to dictate perfect health to your body for we do have the mind of Christ (I Corinthians 2:16[b]).  It is important to renew your mind daily so that when the attack comes, you are spiritually strong enough to combat it.

There are all-too-many subtle ways in which satan deceives us and causes us to forfeit our authority as believers.  Some of these tricks are introduced to us at birth.  Instead of indoctrinating our babies to operate in the spirit realm, we are taught to teach our children to perform in the natural realm.  We understand that it is essential for us to learn to live in the natural world; but since we are spirit-beings, doesn’t it make more sense to train the spirit-man to usurp authority over the natural man?  Some of the devil’s tactics are taught by some of the most well-meaning generals of the Gospel.  How often do we hear leaders say, “I’m not perfect,” or “Nobody’s perfect,” as opposed to teaching God’s people to speak His Word and say what Jesus says.  Why does one say anything about himself or herself that is going to glorify the devil? When you say what satan wants you to say, it gives him an invitation to come into your affairs. You become vulnerable to his suggestions, and he is now able to influence you to do things to conform to your “imperfect” claim . . . the label you have given to yourself.  Have you read in Matthew 5:48 where Jesus tells us to be perfect just as our Father in Heaven is perfect?  There is no scripture in the Bible that says we cannot be perfect. In fact, many scriptures tell us to be perfect, and I believe that we can do anything God instructs us to do.  The Apostle Paul explains in Ephesians 4:12 that one of the reasons Christ Jesus left Ministers of the Body of Christ His gifts was to “perfect the saints.”  Perfect means mature, so God wants us to become mature Christians.  We must learn to see ourselves as God sees us.  We cannot afford to fall into the devil’s hands by identifying ourselves with him.  God told us to call things that are not as though they are.  We must learn to abandon the “sin-conscience nature” and adapt God’s “righteousness-conscience nature.”  The devil gets a thrill out of promoting sickness among God’s children, but when a spiritually developed Christian recognizes these crafty tactics, it becomes easy to walk in divine healing. Tricked Into Sickness makes plain our created identity and brings about an awareness which heretofore has not been revealed.  We are made in God’s image and in His likeness — we are made to look like God and we are made to behave as God behaved when He manifested Himself as man through Christ Jesus.  Tricked Into Sickness addresses the god-man, and it approaches healing from the inside out, teaching us how to release the power of God’s Word into our bodies.  This book goes into detail and describes the stroke attack I was confronted with a year or so ago.  It teaches you how easy it is to defeat these attacks simply by using the ammunition already in your possession.  There is so much revelation in this book that many pastors who desire to see their congregation climb to a new level in Christ have begun teaching these truths.

Have you ever wondered about the correlation between the body and the soil?  I didn’t say “soul”, I said “soil.” Yes,soil.  Your body came from the dirt and those living, moving plants growing in the dirt complements your living, moving body.

It is my prayer that parents will teach these biblical healing principles to their children so that their bodies will become immunized against sicknesses. After all, God has taken sickness from our midst.

It is also my prayer that you recognize the immense power God has given you through Christ Jesus’ Blood, and how He desires that you enjoy the same healthy life that His  Son enjoyed while living here on earth.  Begin today to activate that power within so that you can experience your true nature: You were created to do greater works than Christ Jesus when he walked the earth as a man. Get the book Tricked Into Sickness and learn your true identity:  who you are, how you look, what you have and how to appropriate what rightfully belongs to you.

Please share your thoughts or questions.

*Through this and other works, the word satan is not capitalized out of disrespect for him.*

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