About the Author

Gird Up Your Loins and Get Ready for a Life of Perfect Health!

If never getting sick and enjoying a life of perfect health is what you’re looking for, or if getting well and remaining well and healthy is your goal, Lola Hardaway will get from where you are to where you desire to be.                                               


For more than 25 years, Lola has helped to restore health and happiness to the lives of thousands by teaching health principles straight out of the Word of God. Many have even been given the death notice, but when following God’s principles taught by Lola, life is renewed. Now, you can enjoy this counsel wrapped up in Tricked Into Sickness!

This multi-talented vibrant but compassionate woman is a prolific teacher of the Word of God, and operates in the gifts of healing and miracles. She is a veteran radio hostess, teaching healing and ministering God’s Word with simplicity and power. Lola has also appeared on many television shows and infomercials promoting grace and wellness.

It gives her much joy when she combines natural healing with God’s Word; and a far greater joy when God’s people learn to appropriate His Word and watch healing manifest in their bodies. Over the years, Lola has taught many of God’s servants how to minister God’s Word on healing to their congregations.

Lola began her journey on health restoration in the late 1980’s and after relocating to Florida, she remained in one location as owner/operator of a local health food store which also served as a healing post. On any given day you would find Lola on location operating in both natural and supernatural healings. The theme of this healing post was Revelation 22:2, “. . . ‘the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations.’”

If God’s people could only take a hold of this promise, those who are sick would be healed 100% of the time,” says Lola. She has recently retired the store to avail herself time to full-time ministry by sharing the awesome revelation God has given her through the powerful book, Tricked Into Sickness.