About Tricked into Sickness

TN2SbookcoverTricked Into Sickness was named long before the words to this book were written on these pages. Years ago, Lola saw where folks were taught to pamper the body when God told us to treat the body rough. She saw where conventional medications were inhibiting wellness when God told us to eat the leaves of the trees for medicine, and she saw how Christians were putting their trust in man rather than in God.

Tricked Into Sickness is a “how to” book, teaching readers how to train their minds to dictate perfect health to their bodies. It also teaches how to reverse most sicknesses which may tend to linger in the body. The author shares how she was attacked by both a stroke spirit and a heart attack spirit, and in both cases, she was able to resist these attacks right on the spot. Defeating spirits of infirmity is a process, and Lola trains you exactly how to follow this process in preparation for complete success. Christians, like soldiers, must always be ready for the enemy’s attack.

Many Christians fail because they either have not been taught their true identity, or they become so overwhelmed by the magnitude of the greatness they have inherited, it becomes too enormous for them to believe and accept. Understanding our true identity as Christians preempts all else if we are to enjoy the benefits of our inheritance.

Portrait of Happy Family In ParkSupernatural healing is naturally super once we have learned how to operate in God’s healing principles. This book exposes the subtle ways Satan uses us to forfeit our authority as believers; and it also reveals how the devil uses those in authority to promote sickness among us. It proceeds to teach us how to recognize these subtle tactics and conform to God’s healing principles as outlined in scripture. Tricked Into Sickness illustrates more closely who we are as it relates to being made in God’s image, and it approaches healing from the inside out.