This book was such a vital read in teaching “how to” bring the manifestation of what we profess with our mouths into existence. It exposes many of the enemy’s subtle tricks. EVERY PASTOR NEEDS TO GET THIS BOOK AND TEACH AS A CLASS TXT SERIES.

Bishop J Eugene Smith Georgia

Reading this book has brought me closer to God. Learning how satan works with our thoughts to keep us unhealthy. She, or as the Spirit leads her, has taught me to speak what the word says and not what the world has taught us. Thank you for your devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ, may He continue to bless you and use you.

James H Washington

I am still shocked from the information shared in this book. It is definitely a “Must Read”.

Chareese Georgia

“Your book called Tricked Into Sickness has revolutionalized my life. When I came into your store many years ago, I knew God had led me to the right place….The herbs and vitamins you gave me began to turn me around… Today, I understand why you insisted on my eating the raw foods. I came from the dirt so what grows from the dirt will keep me healed. God bless you for helping me….”

Estelle Billingsway TN

“This book, Tricked Into Sickness, is a must read. Ms. Hardaway, when I met you in your health food store I knew that you were a God-sent woman of God. God chose you to write this book to help all people to avoid the traps of sickness, for example, cancer and strokes. This book was brilliantly written. This book should be required to be read in churches and in medical and nursing schools. God bless and keep you. Continue to speak the truth. Your book has opened my eyes. Keep on telling the truth. Peace and love…”

Brother Willie G. Thompson

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